Michigan Winery and Brewery Tours

Sun., Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat.
7 hours

Join us as we travel along the Michigan Winery Trail. We'll visit 3-4 wineries OR 3-4 breweries OR just wineries/breweries along the way. We'll spend up to one hour at each stop and grab a bite to eat. Some establishments have kitchens. Tour Price includes transportation to and from the wineries and breweries, bottled water, and small bags of chips. Note: Driver gratuity is NOT included in the price. Driver’s Gratuity WILL AUTOMATICALLY be charged in advance, in addition to the tour price. The gratuity will be charged at 20% of the total tour cost. Any wine, beer or spirits purchased along the way can be consumed on the bus. Our fees do NOT include any tasting fees. We will notify the breweries and let them know when we will arrive as a courtesy.  In general, breweries do not take reservations.  Sometimes, they will set aside a table for our groups, but there is no guarantee.  HOWEVER, WE DO NOT MAKE THE RESERVATIONS FOR THE WINERIES!  AND SOME WINERIES REQUIRE RESERVATIONS DEPENDING ON THE SIZE OF YOUR GROUP.  PLEASE ASK US WHETHER YOU NEED TO MAKE THEM AND WE CAN ASSIST YOU IN IDENTIFYING THE WINERIES THAT REQUIRE YOU TO MAKE THE RESERVATIONS.

What's included ?

  • Pickup and drop off at selected location
  • Transportation to Wineries / Breweries
  • Bottled Water
  • Light Snacks

What to bring ?

  • ID
  • Signed Waiver
  • Empty growlers for filling

Other considerations

Driver’s Gratuity WILL AUTOMATICALLY will be charged in advance in addition to the tour price. The gratuity will be charged at 20% of the total tour cost. Michigan Brewery Policy and State Laws: If you are intoxicated you will not be served No outside beverages or food of any kind maybe carried into the Brewery To-Go containers (growlers, cans, bombers, etc.) may not be opened while in the brewery If the brewery's legal capacity will be exceeded by your group's entry, there will be a delay. All patrons must wear lanyards while on the tour. IBB will NOT deviate from the tour schedule, any other EXTRA STOP is a surcharge of $110 per hour!